• Modern Design

    In the spirit of the ‘sky’s the limit’ this design will be tailored like a fine Italian suit. Every detail will be reviewed including custom fabrication options. Your input will greatly enhance the final outcome. You will be blown

  • Seat z8

    There is no limit to your customization.

  • The modern design reflects a more current era in design philosophy. Sleek and usually very sporty, our goal remains to offer you a variety of options in every respect. Carbon fiber accents are desirable

  • Pin Striping – Custom – Any where on the bicycle and we dig your input but love to exercise our creativity. Single, double you have something in mind? Bring it on and we’ll do our best to surprise yet satisfy you when you see your bicycle for the first time!

  • Custom ‘Torch’ pouch made by hand to compliment every detail

  • As Hip as you like.

From our Gallery